DER PLAN was founded in 1979 by Moritz R, Frank Fenstermacher and Kai Horn in Düsseldorf, Neanderthal, Germany.

DER PLAN albums are available on CDs. The original record company of DER PLAN, Ata Tak, run by DER PLAN-members Frank Fenstermacher and Kurt Dahlke, carries the back-catalogue of the band. They also run the Ata Tak studio. The last album of DER PLAN is on Marina Records. DER PLAN made music for a couple of films, especially two films by Rainer Kirberg, "Die letzte Rache" and "Grottenolm". The 3 guys from Neanderthal also made a 1-hour tv-show, filmed mostly in Tokyo. It is available on VHS-video and DVD.