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As you can tell from the dates below, I quit posting news here ages ago.
But I keep two blogs these days, and they will keep you very nicely informed about my various doings:

The "Mildred Loves You" Blog

The LaLaVox Doodle Diary Blog

See you there... ;)

Newest News:
*April 14th, 2008 (The Space Songs, MySpace, YouTube, CafePress, DeWanda, Mildred Loves You)*

Old News:
*November 19th, 2007 (minor site updates; YouTube-ness; upcoming mini-comic...)*

*January 3rd, 2007 (Happy New Year; new email address; MySpace links; mermaid-ness...)*

*April 16th, 2006 (Easter Sunday...)*

*February 14th, 2006 (Valentine's Day card; Fluffy Target blog - photos...)*

*January 1st, 2006 (New Year's Day - Happy 2006!...)*

*December 24th, 2005 (Christmas Eve - Holiday Greetings...)*

*November 15th, 2005 (Yep - an update this time; actual content added to the Illustrations section at last...)*

*October 31st, 2005 (Nope - no updates yet; but no excuses either - just a nice greeting card for Halloween...)*

*April 28th, 2005 (next mermaid gig - tomorrow evening - April 29th! and a word about upcoming news...)*


*March 27th, 2005 (Easter Greetings; Jon Appleton visit; Lydia Kavina; 3rd mermaid gig - April 7th...)*

*February 21st, 2005 (promises left unkept, Mutter at the Berlinale, Fuzzy Love Meets the Mermaid, Fuzzy Love Superstar Search)*

Even Older News:
News Archive
(December 2004 to July 2002)

April 14th, 2008

Dear me, almost a full 5 months since my last update. - Better get started...

A little project of ours called THE SPACE SONGS just released an album with SOPOT RECORDS this past March 28th. This album is a musical reworking of a "Singing Science" record from 1959:

It was during the late 1950's, when a series of odd educational records for children was released by an obscure record label in New York City. Various themes - such as "Nature", "Energy & Motion", "Weather", etc. - were presented to the sounds of whacky folk and country tunes. Among these records was one we particularly enjoyed: "SPACE SONGS". This recording would certainly have been long forgotten, were it not for the fact that it apparently influenced an entire generation of future scientists. The idea of reworking the album suddenly seemed irresistible, and we gleefully began fashioning them into an assortment of pop tunes which we hope may once again inspire a generation of children (and maybe even their pop-fan moms and dads).

More information about the original SPACE SONGS album can be found at Wikipedia, and at this very nice "Singing Science" page...

And you can listen to several of our interpretations of these songs (using Hy Zaret's original lyrics) at our THE SPACE SONGS MySpace profile. :) Links for ordering or downloading this album (at Amazon or iTunes) are also included there. ;)

Speaking of MySpace, we also have a SEA OF TRANQUILITY MySpace profile in the meantime. There you'll be able to listen on a couple of tracks from our "bewitching and unweldy" 1995 album LANDED, as well as a couple of our so-called "Lost Tracks"... There's also a bit of history on what ever became of Sea of Tranquility for anyone who might like to know...

There's a bit of MILDRED LOVES YOU! news as well. has seen a number of improvements in the meantime (which have changed it from a "Coming Soon" page into a real website). And Mildred Loves You! products can now be found in two online shops:

There's a Mildred Loves You Shop full of hand-made Mildred items at DaWanda, for example. DaWanda is a European online shop dedicated to people selling handmade items (a bit like Etsy in the U.S.), and their site is available in German, English, and French.

There are also lots of custom-printed Mildred items available at The LaLaVox Shoppe - my new shop at CafePress. And merchandise featuring Doodles and other illustration work from my website can be found there as well. I'd be delighted if you gave these shops a look. A lot of work has gone into them along the way!

And last but not least, after a 7-month absence from my YouTube channel, I've recently returned there with a series of cover versions. I've begun a series of Kate Bush covers with a guy in the U.S. who calls himself Troubleclef, and a series of Joni Mitchell covers with a Canadian guy named Chris Lawley. If you're a Kate or a Joni fan, then by all means, please go and check these out - and do let me know what you think of them... :)

Cheers everybody! See you sooner next time!

oooxxx - L. (L.C. / LLV)

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November 19th, 2007

I have been neglecting this website quite shamelessly since the beginning of the year (I do that a lot, don't I?) and haven't even managed a single online greeting card this time around (other than the Happy New Year's one of course), but I have finally managed a couple of small Illustration Gallery updates...

...And I've become a member of YouTube in the meantime, as you may have noticed from the new YouTube link in the left-hand menu-bar. My YouTube profile page can be found here.

Speaking of YouTube and illustration galleries, several months ago I put together a YouTube video (featuring selections from various parts of my illustration portfolio) which I called The Girl Galleries. I don't s'pose finally getting around to posting it here could hurt. ;) It gives a nice overview of many of the things shown in my various illustration galleries, as well as featuring some images that currently cannot be found anywhere else on the site:
"The Girl Galleries"...

By the way - anyone interested in finding out a bit more about the source of the music featured in this Girl Galleries video can take a look-see here and/or here.

And I'm quite pleased by the fact that the following video has gotten such a good response there so far, in spite of that fact that I'm still virtually unknown at YouTube:
"Three All-Vocal Tracks (original music)"...


But of course the video of ours that has gotten the most views so far has been the ferret video - as expected:
"Lemme In !!! (Ferret vs. Guitar) "...


My last tidbit of news before I go is that during the course of the year I have been working bit by bit on a comic book project called Mildred Loves You!. Our #0 issue - a mini-comic - will be out in December, and to celebrate this I've added a little Mildred Loves You! gallery to the Illustration section. Check it out! :)

Cheers everybody! See you sooner next time!

oooxxx - L. (L.C. / LLV)

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January 3rd, 2007

Well, first of all, Happy New Year everybody! I hope all of you brought in the New Year in an enjoyable way, and that you all will have a wonderful 2007. If you'd like to see my New Year's card, please click the thumbnail below.

(New Year's Greetings)

This site now has a new email address. Mad spamming evil has forced me to kill my old address... *grrrr, sigh*

And I really have ignored this site quite shamelessly since Easter; partially because of general busy-ness, and partially because of my presence in various other parts of the internet; one of these parts being that darned MySpace. You can find links to our various MySpace profiles in the space where my guestbook used to be.

I completely missed posting a Halloween Greeting here this year. But my friend and collaborator Mildred did manage some last minute Halloween Greetings over in her MySpace blog.

I also of course completely missed posting proper Christmas Greetings here! (Arrrrrgh!) I did post a last-minute Christmas card in other places though. If you'd like to see it please click the thumbnail below.

(Season's Greetings)

This card (and some false starts) can also be found in my MySpace blog. Mildred's blog also contains Christmas and New Year's Greetings.

Other news is that this site has gone through, and will continue to be going through, various updates, changes, and polishings. You may have noticed some of these if you made your way to this news page via the start page; I've added an Illustration Portfolio, which is basically a compacted, illustration-only version of this website. But there are remaining larger and smaller updates needed all over the place in this (in the meantime) sprawling mess of a website. I hope to be able to get to everything within the next couple of weeks.

Before I go, a little mention of something I posted a while back in my MySpace blog. My mermaid alter ego appeared in Austrialian television on the show Foreign Correspondent a couple of months ago. Click the postcard below to see the mermaid snippet of this report:

So, have a Happy New Year everybody! See you soon!

oooxxx - L. (L.C. / LLV)

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April 16th, 2006 - Easter;

All my best wishes to all of you on this Easter Sunday. Please click the thumbnail below for bonnie bunny wishes:

(Easter Greetings)

Hugs and kisses and many blessings! - L. (L.C. / LLV)

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February 14th, 2006 - Valentine's Day;

And what could I possibly be doing here today? I'm here to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day of course. If you'd like to see the Valentine's card I whipped up for you, then please click the thumbnail below:

(Valentine's Greetings)

And while I'm here I might as well mention that Fluffy Target (Kuenstler Treu's project together with Richard Cameron) just had their debut live performance on January 28th at the Club Filth party at Cafe Moskau here in Berlin! If you'd like, you can see some photos of the concert at the Fluffy Target Blogspot (taken by yours truly). Take a look!

So, I think that's enough of me this time around. All the best to all of you!

Over and out! - L. (L.C. / LLV)

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January 1st, 2005 - New Year's Day;

Bleary-eyed and shuffling my feet (and with bits of confetti still in my hair), I come here to wish you the best possible 2006. I hope you brought in the New Year with at least as much gusto as I did. Please click the thumbnail below:

(New Year's Greetings)

And may all your dreams come true... - L. (L.C. / LLV)

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December 24th, 2005 - Christmas Eve;

Continuing to be busy but not nessecarily newsworthy as the year comes to a close, I've come here, this time around, with only the intention of wishing you and yours Happy Holidays - whatever those holidays might happen to be. It seems I am a tad too late for some and only just in the nick of time for others: Christmas, Hannukah, Karamu, Yule, Solstice, the Long Night, Soyal, Shabe-Yalda, Inti Raymi, Rohatsu, Eid ul-fitr... (thanks Cynthia...) Whatever the case, belated or last minute, I wish you all the very, very best! And having been brought up in the Christmas tradition myself, I have decided to dig deep into the archives and pull out an aged dictaphone recording of my dear friend Cecelia and myself singing "God Rest Yee Merry Gentlemen" in our kitchen (after having washed the dishes). This recording was part of an audio letter that Cecelia was recording for a friend back in Mississippi; and I present it to you now, in all its lo-fi glory and silliness, as a friendly little on-line Christmas carol...

"God Rest Yee Merry Gentlemen", in the kitchen with Cecelia and Laura - mp3 - 1,4mb

...I'm the one making excuses in the recording. ;-)

And I've prepared a greeting card as well, of course. Yee who wish to gaze upon it, please click the thumbnail below:

(Season's Greetings)

The warmest holiday wishes to all of you - hugs and kisses! - L. (L.C. / LLV)

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November 15th, 2005;

Okay folks - I have, at last, found time to actually get around to one of those many updates I've had bubbling on the back burner for so long. I have finally added various galleries to the Illustrations section. Those of you who visit this News page from time to time will recognize some of the material - since I've used some of the images for online greeting cards along the way - but there's also stuff there you haven't seen before; promise... If you'd like a little preview of the Fashion Illustration gallery, for instance, then please click the thumbnails below...

(Green Lace)

(Sunny Day)

So. I think that's about all for this time around...

Best wishes, and happy browsing! - L. (L.C. / LLV)

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October 31st, 2005;

Oops! - first update since April 28th! I didn't keep any of my "upcoming news" promises (surprize, surprize) and I even missed my own birthday! But - what th' heck... Who gives a fork anyway? I spent the Summer being busy, but not nessecarily newsworthy... (Kuenstler Treu - specifically Der Plan v.4.0 - kept fairly newsworthy actually - but his/their website/websites has/have been having to keep you up to date on its/their own lately...) ;-)

...This site is long over-due for some additions and various nips and tucks, I admit. But for this time around I'm just dropping in quickly to wish everyone a goulishly delightful Halloween! If you would like to cast your eyes upon my curly-cue greeting card, then please click the thumbnail below...

(Halloween Greetings)

Cats and bats to you all!

Cheers! - until next time! - L. (L.C. / LLV)

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April 28th, 2005;

As announced on April 6th, Fuzzy Love's April 7th mermaid and karaoke evening had to be cancelled due to illness. But as already mentioned in my April 6th news bit, another evening featuring the same folks (same time, same place) had already been planned for the 29th of April; in other words, for tomorrow evening!:

Fuzzy Love will be meeting the Mermaid (aka Laila Lei) once again tomorrow evening, Friday, April 29th at the Tabou Tiki Room (Maybachufer 39, Berlin). Karaoke Superstars from the audience will also be invited to join us on stage, and a list of hits to choose from can be found at this helpful little Fuzzy Love Karaoke Song List page. Join us for another irritaining evening of Exotic Pagan Schmalz. Tiki gods will smile on you. Doors open at 9pm and there will be a cover charge of 5 Euros. DJ Record Player will be spinning the discs. Please click the flyer-thumbnail below:

(Fuzzy Love Meets the Mermaid - again!)

...And while we're on the subject of Fuzzy Love - they will be hosting another Fuzzy Love Superstar Event on May 14th at Club 103 (now in Berlin-Kreuzberg, Falkensteinstrasse 47). Lola la Voix will be joining in again and you could too! I'll add more info about this as soon as I have it myself...

...And by the way - April 29th (tomorrow evening) and May 14th will be the last two live gigs before Fuzzy Love goes into Spring/Summer hibernation, so if you want to experience a show and/or sing a little karaoke while the weather's still warm, these will be your last two chances! There will be no more concert/karaoke evenings until mid/late November or perhaps even December - just so you know!

Well, there are actually a couple more News tidbits I've been wanting to get to, but unfortunately I simply don't have the time to do it today. It will have to wait 'til the weekend. Coming up in my next News bit: Der Plan v.4.0 live in Japan and France! And Treutronics '81! - a limited edition vinyl-single Kernkrach release of early (very early) works recorded once upon a time by a young (very young) Kuenstler Treu!

More News on Sunday! Cheers! - L. (L.C. / LLV)

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April 6th, 2005;

NEWS FLASH!!!! - due to a very upleasant and all too human case of the flu caught by our mermaid, Laila Lei, the April 7th Fuzzy Love show at the Tabou Tiki Room has been CANCELLED!!! There will however be a "Fuzzy Love Meets the Mermaid" show at the Tabou Tiki Room on April 29th and this will definately NOT be cancelled. Hope to see you then!

- Fuzzy Love

(more Fuzzy Love info here)

Thursday, April 7th, 2005- Fuzzy Love meets The Mermaid (aka Laila Lei) and Karaoke Superstars from the audience (that means YOU!) - with DJ Record Player - Tabou Tiki Room, Maybachufer 39, Berlin - 21:00 Uhr - 5 Euro... (Remember - THIS SHOW HAS BEEN CANCELLED! - BUT YOU CAN CATCH THE SAME FOLKS AT THE SAME PLACE ON APRIL 29TH: more about this soon!)

Sorry about that everybody!!! Laila Lei seems to have caught the flu from me, I'm afraid... :-(
- L. (L.C. / LLV)

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March 27th - Easter Sunday, 2005;

Last minute Easter Greetings, everybody! I hope you're having a lovely Easter Sunday. :-) I've been busy with lots of stuff lately that has kept me away from my drawing table and computer, so I haven't gotten around to making an Easter card this year. I hope you'll forgive me for doing a little recycling. But to make up for this audacious greeting card recycling, here are two images to choose from as an Easter Greeting instead of just one: my Bunny Wishes card from last year, and Critter Doodle #C26. ;-) Please click the thumbnails below:

(recycled Bunny Wishes )

(Doodle #C26)

Jon Appleton has just been here for visit, by the way. I am very pleased to announce that he and Kuenstler Treu have begun cooking up ideas for a 2nd Appleton & Treu album! And just so you know, those of you who missed the first Appleton & Treu album don't know what you're missing! Time to catch up, I'd say. ):-D ;-)

Professor Appleton also invited us to dinner with Lydia Kavina and her husband, George Pavlav, during his stay. Fans of the unusual eletronic instrument the Theremin should know who this lady is. She's the granddaughter and last protege of Lev Theremin (the inventor of the Theremin), and is now the world's leading Theremin virtuoso. It was an honor and a delight to meet her. She and her husband are both lovely people. :-)

Other current music news is that Der Plan v.4.0 had a very successful little mini-tour in Sweden earlier this month (more about that next time around) and that Laila Lei (the singing mermaid) will be performing again at the tiki bar Thursday of next week!: Fuzzy Love will be meeting the Mermaid once again on April 7th at the Tabou Tiki Room (Maybachufer 39, Berlin). Karaoke Superstars from the audience will also be invited to join us on stage, and a list of hits to choose from can be found at this helpful little Fuzzy Love Karaoke Song List page. Join us for another irritaining evening of Exotic Pagan Schmalz. Tiki gods will smile on you. Doors open at 9pm and there will be a cover charge of 5 Euros. (p.s. - DJ Record Player will be spinning the discs.)

(Fuzzy Love Meets the Mermaid - again!)

So. I guess that's about all for this time around. You'll be hearing from me again very, very soon. (And yes - I really mean it this time.)

Hugs and kisses! - L. (L.C. / LLV)

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February 21st, 2005;

Well, darn it! I hardly ever get around to keeping a promise where this News page is concerned. I haven't gotten around to doing any of these planned things yet: posting more info and links connected with the first-ever Pictoplasma conference back in October, posting more photos from the Grand Opening and Blessing of The Tabou Tiki Room back in November, posting photos of the Der Plan v.4.0 concert at the VolksbŸhne back in December, or posting more photos of the Mutter concert at RaststŠdte Gnadenbrot - also back in December...

Another thing this News page has been miserable at lately is announcing up-coming events. Lately it's been my habit to report things that have already happened. And here I go doing it again: On February 12th the documentary film "Wir waren niemals hier" ("We Were Never Here") about the band Mutter (directed by Antonia Ganz) had its premiere at the Berlinale. I should have and would have been there obviously - except that on that very evening I was busy performing with Fuzzy Love for the very first time at the re-opening of the Berlin Club 103 (great party! - the last of us didn't leave until 9:00am). I caught up with the Mutter documentary yesterday though; great film! :-) And I was there for their smashing Berlinale mini-gig at the astounding looking Adagio Club several nights ago too... (oil-paintings, brocade, iron-and-candles chandeliers, etc... - and the place is huge!...)

But normal folks are generally in the habit of announcing up-coming events on their news pages, now aren't they? It's time I did the same - and I'm actually going to manage it this time around. Here goes:

This week, on Thursday (the 24th of February, in other words), the mermaid Laila Lei will be performing with Fuzzy Love at The Tabou Tiki Room here in Berlin (Maybachufer 39). The doors open at 9pm (21:00) and there will be a cover charge of 5 Euros. Pagan Schmalz for everyone!!! Please click the thumbnail below in order to view our bewitching flyer for this slippery event:

(Fuzzy Love Meets the Mermaid)

And on March 16th Fuzzy Love will be hosting a Fuzzy Love Superstar event at the Roter Salon here in Berlin. It's entirely possible that I myself, or perhaps someone closely associated with me, will be participating in this extravaganza. Here's what Fuzzy Love themselves have to say about this:

+++++++++++++++ +++ +++ +++ + + +

Fuzzy Love

Who Wants to be the Next Superstar?

Wed March 16 22.00

Roter Salon
VolksbŸhne am Rosa Luxemburg Platz

Master of Ceremonies: Joe Carrera
DJ: Record Player

Our former singer, JJ Jones, has decided to leave our band, and therefore we are auditioning new flaming vocal talents. We hope that they will ascend the 'Stairway to Stardom' and be the pop idol of Fuzzy Love.

The winner will be carefully chosen by a jury of celebrity music experts and will receive an award.

Members of the public who believe that they are lead singer material, are encouraged to submit an audition mp3 to elgordo at fuzzylove dot de

(who will replace JJ Jones?)

+++++++++++++++ +++ +++ +++ + + +

There: you are now as well-informed as I can manage at the moment; so I'll be signing off now - without making any promises of catching up with any of my past promises until after mid-March. ;-)

Keep your noses clean!

oooxxx - L. (L.C. / LLV)

p.s. Too few people own a copy of the Appleton & Treu album WUNDERBRA!!! - Just thought I'd mention that...

p.p.s. Visit our buddy Fred Rubik's Blogspot!!!

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