March 2001

Dear Dauerciples,

it's not that we hate you - or maybe don't give a fork about your desires.
It's just like, well... we blew our release date again. but, please believe us,
It hurts us much more than it hurts you. especially when we think about our
So off we are into this year's early summer holiday. From my Hawaiian retreat
i'll keep you up to date on Kuenstler Abshagen's latest efforts to open his own
little nail-polish studio in Southern Germany to keep clear of his outstanding
tax and m.d. claims.
In the meantime you can unconcernedly spend your money on my highly
recommended solo debut album "humuhumunukunuku-apua'a" which, by
some strange twist of fate, managed hit the stores at just exactly the right time.
You probably won't even need no stupid dauerfisch record after hearing it!

Great to talk to you again, Kuenstler Treu