october 2000

hello UK,

our crime-album has just been released in your wonderful bizarre country and finally you british guys
are part of the great dauerempire, which is very good for you, because:
1. you donšt have to listen to your boring britpop anymore
2. tea-time is making sense again because 'Crime of the Century' is just the perfect tea-time album.
This is also the main reason it took so long to release it in the UK.
We tested over 1500 tea-blends from all over the world together with our album to find the most
convincing combination.

Last week we've visited Moscow and it was absolutly crazy.
During our performance, the beautiful russian girls were singing all the dauerlyrics with us and
everybody told us we are bigger than phil collins, mcdonalds and pokemon together.
At last, we believed it.

Keep on groovin' Russia!

love , kuenstler Abshagen