Hi there,

our label Bungalow is really hot to get their hands on our new, and long overdue dauerfisch record.
The new album will once again show deep insights into Kuenstler Abshagen's bizarre and sometimes
frightening inner being, whilst Kuenstler Treu will pick out his expieriences, refering to his refused
application for the rtl real-life soap "big brother", as a central theme.
In the future, however, the two will have to give up their habitual nude-mixdowns, since the secret
dauercam has now been put into service as a substitute.

But first it's off to moscow for two concerts at the end of may.
and here is also where the current dauerfisch video is supposed to be filmed - if our two artists are
able to get the requested permission to shoot in the cremlin that is.

On july 1st, it's dauerfisch open air at the popular roskilde festival.
tickets are available at all of the usual danish ticket counters.

Yours truely,
Buddy Control,