June 2000

Dear Customer,

a lot of things are happening in dauerland these days:

One of our biggest fans, US-presidentBill Clinton, came to berlin to perform one of his notorious
sax-solos for the new daueralbum. cool!
After the recording session, we had lots of spacecookies
and dr.peppers (thanks Hillary!) and we talked about the good old times,
bilateral problems and about Kuenstler Treu.
Treu was too busy to join us, because he just bought himself a new computer.

Sstrange but true: the guys at bungalow are wearing women's underwear at work!
(just testing if anybody at bungalow ever reads our news...)

Loks like our only live-performance this year will be at roskilde on the 1st of Juli.
As you might know, it always rains in roskilde and i hope to bring back some nice photos
of Kuenstler Treu mudwrestling vs. Noel Gallagher...

Vorsprung durch Fortschritt!

Kuenstler Abshagen