December 2000

Hi fans,

it's christmas time in dauerland....It's the time of love and besinnung.
It's also the season of (what we call) 3D-listening evenings. This means, we sit down, have
some special cigarrettes (with frankincense, myrrh and other natural stuff)
or christmas-space-cookies, dim the lights, and explore some new music as to content,
visual depth, and overall cosmic quality.

Depending on your level of stoned-ness,
and of course the music, this is extremely interesting and entertaining.
We think it is even better than watching a good movie.

Due to the difference in time perception, it's much more fun just listening to short bits
of music rather than, for example, a 12-minute ambient track.
That's why we've started to make our own special listening compilations with hard breaks
and edits - more like a movie-soundtrack than a normal music-compilation.
We thought this might also be interesting for our lovely fans and, of course,
the rest of the world.
So we decided to put our latest 3D extravaganza called
"super bossa nova 3D 2000" as this year's christmas goody on our server for you.

We know the realplayer-sound is very poor, but we'll send you a copy of the CD if you
send us YOUR special 3D-compilation (on tape, minidisk or CD). ho ho ho!
click here, launch your Realplayer and enjoy.

Merry Christmas and love from dauerfisch