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(this is a little photo and mp3 download page hoping to one day become a real website)

This cozy trio (soprano vocals, electric guitar, double bass) plays live in and around the lovely city of Berlin, Germany - always ready to soothe and invigorate you with warm and friendly jazz sounds.

To download LaLaLand promo photos, click a thumbnail; this will open the larger image in a new window: click your right mouse button on the larger image and select "download to disk" in the pop-up menu (or use drag + drop of course, if you're a Mac user ;-)). All photos are optimized for printing with a resolution of 200dpi.

Photos by Corinna Schell - email

These are photos of our founding LaLaLand members: Helge Marx on double bass, Jan Stolterfoht on electric guitar, and Laura Carleton (yours truly) on vocals.

But because double bass players are notoriously busy folks here in Berlin, it has come about that Jan and I have also had the pleasure of working with several other wonderful bassists over the past couple of years. The double bass player we've worked with most frequently lately is Edward McLean. Additional photos with this lovely fellow will hopefully follow once this little page gets around to becoming a real website. Mp3s of some of our work with Edward will follow as well.

In the meantime however, perhaps you would enjoy listening to some rehearsal-room demos recorded with Helge Marx back in the early days of LaLaLand in 1998:

"Love Cats" (Smith) 2,9 MB

"Twisted" (Ross+Grey) 2,9 MB

"The Boy From ..." (Sondheim) 2,6 MB

If you have any questions for LaLaLand please send us an email.

Thanks for tuning in. Cheers! L.C.

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