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All of the Doodles in this gallery first came into being the way that most people's doodles do - while something else was going on or being done. Sometimes mine happened during conversations with friends; in a group situation around a kitchen or cafe table somewhere, or - the classic scenario - while chatting with someone on the phone. But most of them happened while I was busy working on some illustration job or other. They were little breaks; good for loosening up cramped fingers and crumpled brain-cells - good for keeping me happy during difficult or dull stretches...

When one of these spontaneous scribbles appealed to me in some way, I kept it - which led to a collection of sorts. And because these little entities seemed to me to have a life of their own, I soon found myself numbering them. - A strange thing to do perhaps, but I had to quiet them down somehow... ;-)

The numbered collection which then ensued (not to mention its current and coming appendages) is what you see (and what you will be seeing) here. So...

...Happy browsing, L. (L.C., LLV)

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